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Although on the surface GoStream.site looks ok, you must know that almost all streaming sites online that allow you to watch films for free are NOT LEGAL. That’s why 123Movies has been hunted down by authorities and has been forced to change hosting providers and names so many times.

If you ask my opinion, I wouldn’t risk it by watching movies from such websites. Although in my opinion you as the end-user might get away with getting sued, the biggest risk is to get infected with malware, virus, ransomware etc. Also, people have reported that they sometimes get pop-up messages to enter their credit card information etc, which means someone is trying to steal your financial information or personal data.

The rest of the article discusses the original 123Movies website and all the information below applies to the newer Gostream site as well.

What is 123Movies?

To put it simply, 123Movies is a video streaming site that allows users to stream pirated movies. There are hundreds of similar sites out there. In fact, 123Movies is part of a network of dozens of clone websites. Currently their domain is 123movies.la but that is likely to change as well.

123Movies and other streaming sites provide visitors with a large catalog of titles, including new releases. You do not need to login or create an account. You simply click on the title that you want to watch and begin streaming on your computer or internet-connected device.

You can find most movies and television shows on Find 123Movies Website. Besides new blockbuster films that have just recently appeared in theaters, you can find titles from other popular streaming sites, such as Netflix, Amazon, and Hulu.

Due to the variety of content, 123Movies has become one of the most popular streaming sites. You can watch movies from the browser on your computer, tablet, or smartphone.

There is also a 123Movies app for Roku and Kodu devices. However, there are still a few details that you should consider before visiting the website or installing the app.

Is 123Movies Legal?

In most of the Western world, displaying content that was not obtained through the proper licenses is illegal. However, 123Movies and similar streaming sites often operate in other parts of the world. They are often based out of countries that do not have strict anti-piracy or copyright laws.

123Movies also uses a solution that helps them circumvent the law in certain countries. Instead of hosting the pirated content on their website, they link to the pirated content. When you click on a movie, the content is streamed from a secure cyber locker or another online source.

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