WWE RAW Preview: April 8th 2019

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WrestleMania 35 is officially over. It had one of the most anticipated cards in years and depending on who you ask, it was either the best WrestleMania in four years, or it was a rather underwhelming one.

It had its ups and downs, but given that there were three matches that fans cared about the most, it seemed as though it was three matches that WWE really had going for the PPV. They did deliver on all those ends, so fans weren’t too mad about an otherwise average show.

But it’s the RAW after WrestleMania and its like a fresh start or a brand new season. Though WWE doesn’t have any offseason, WrestleMania is basically like the end of one and the RAW after WrestleMania is like the beginning.

It’s going to be a great RAW as every RAW after WrestleMania is! The crowd is going to be wilder than ever, so that’s always

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