WWE Raw preview (Oct. 19, 2020)

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Raw Underground is apparently no more, and folks like Dabba-Kato, Arturo Ruas, and Riddick Moss who were featured in Shane McMahon’s fight club will be integrated into the regular line-up (probably not Raw’s though… hello Main Event!).

Which brings us to another “ratings grabbing” concept WWE introduced us to in early August. The rollout’s been rocky, but with Mustafa Ali’s reveal as the leader of RETRIBUTION the group finally seemed poised to put their ridiculous rollout behind them. Last week included a couple more bumps in the road, though. First, the drafting of a group who’s stated goal is to destroy the company doing the drafting – the latest sign said company isn’t too worried about the group achieving their goal. Then, Ali’s promised explanation for his actions was bumped off the show.

As has been the case for a while now, the members of the group did a pretty good job spinning both gaffes on social media. WWE hasn’t addressed either, and isn’t promoting a segment with RETRIBUTION or its leader for this week’s show.

Maybe that’s fine. Hell in a Cell is on Sunday, and while they could add a RETRIBUTION vs. The Hurt Business match or something similar to the card, it might make sense to take another week off. Distance the faction from the missteps of the last couple months and let their next appearance serves as part of the soft reboot which started when Ali joined them two weeks ago. Maybe they could make their PPV debut this weekend by doing something that actually causes some anarchy to ensue?





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