WWE SmackDown Live preview July 23, 2019

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SmackDown Live returns to us tonight (July 23) from the American Airlines Arena in Miami, Florida as they build their way to SummerSlam in three weeks.

The Headliner:

Kofi Kingston needs a SummerSlam opponent for his WWE championship. WWE had advertised that Kofi will make his challenge for the big pay-per-view tonight. But if you read the tea leaves, or really just watched last week’s 6-man tag, you’re probably guessing Randy Orton is going to be the man that challenges Kofi for the WWE Smackdown title at SummerSlam.

And it’s really a perfect choice.

Here’s why:

1) He’s a believable threat to take the title

Kofi has had the title for almost four months and not once did I ever fear he was in real dangerous in losing it. The closest was when Daniel Bryan got a sudden rematch when they introduced the Wild Card rule. It was possible they’d want to do a sudden change on TV to show fans anything can happen. But outside, that, Kofi has been a strong odds on favorite.

Kevin Owens’ sudden heel turn felt too rushed for him to take the title. Then there was Dolph Ziggler, who was never a threat given his part time status and… c’mon it’s Dolph Ziggler. And as for Samoa Joe, the man’s MO in WWE is talking a big game but never delivering when it counts.

But Randy Orton is always a threat to win the title when he’s challenging for it. He’s a 13 time world champion. They trust him with the strap. Kofi is no longer such an odds on favorite.

And that’s important. Some uncertainty in the finish raises the stakes of everything. We can buy into what they’re selling more because we don’t know what’s going to happen

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