WWE SmackDown Taping Results for Dec. 25, 2018

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R-Truth came out dressed as Santa Claus and Carmella also had Christmas gear on and they threw out t-shirts to the crowd. Daniel Bryan came out and said that it may come as a surprise to the crowd, but this was not the real Santa Claus. Bryan says that Santa Claus is the epitome of all of their cheap material desires and their desires have cost them half of the coral reef on the planet, made islands of garbage in the ocean, and melted the glaciers.

He then asked R-Truth if he found that funny, and he’s not surprised because his entire career is an old joke. R-Truth said you better watch out, because he’s going to be #30 in the Royal Rumble and maybe after he wins, Smackdown 12/25/18 he’s going to take the WWE Championship from Bryan… if he’s still champion.

Bryan asked him how he expects to win the Rumble when he can’t even count to 30. Truth started counting, then broke out into a dance break with Carmella, but Bryan took out his knee from behind and started to stomp away at him as the crowd booed.

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