WWE Survivor Series 2018: Brock Lesnar Squashing Daniel Bryan And 5 Bad Booking Decisions

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WWE Survivor Series 2018 will revolve around a “battle of the brands” between Raw and SmackDown, headlined by blockbuster matches pitting Brock Lesnar against Daniel Bryan, Charlotte Flair vs. Ronda Rousey and Seth Rollins going one-on-one with Shinsuke Nakamura.
The previous two Survivor Series events also focused mostly on the blue brand taking on the red brand, and the results were a mixed bag. While Survivor Series Job 2017 did lead to blockbuster dream matches like The Shield vs. The New Day and the first-ever AJ Styles vs. Lesnar bout, WWE tried to hype up the event as a big deal only for the show to ultimately have very little in the way of long-term ramifications. This year, the same problem has plagued WWE, which has had less than stellar viewership for Raw and SmackDown over the last several weeks, at least in part because, due to Crown Jewel and Evolution, there hasn’t been much time to build to Survivor Series.

WWE, however, was forced to make a series of creative audibles this week, with Becky Lynch’s injury forcing WWE Survivor Series to scrap her dream match with Rousey and give us a Flair vs. Rousey dream match instead while Bryan’s shocking heel turn threw everyone for a loop on the blue brand. The next step in Shane McMahon’s ongoing angle, what role part-time stars like Rey Mysterio might play and who will stand tall as soul survivors for their squad are just a few more important stories to keep an eye on at Survivor Series, as these narratives could play a key role in determining what happens at Royal Rumble and during WrestleMania season.

But after WWE made a series of questionable creative calls at Crown Jewel, including Braun Strowman’s loss to Lesnar and Samoa Joe quickly being defeated yet again, the company needs to avoid similar mistakes inside the Staples Center. Here are five bad booking decisions WWE needs to steer clear of this Sunday at Survivor Series.

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